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The CMO’s Guide to Digital Benchmarking

There are many facets to be considered when setting benchmarks for your digital channels: how have these channels performed historically? What is a realistic target for your business to aim for? Where are the gaps in your reporting?

You wouldn’t be alone if these questions left you with sweaty palms.

But, establishing benchmarks is imperatives for businesses to keep up with the market. Creating internal goals and targets is the only way for you to judge how your campaigns are tracking. To help take some of the stress out the process, we have created the eBook: The CMO’s Guide to Digital Benchmarking.


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In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How benchmarking can benefit your business (Set clear, trackable goals for your digital channels).
  • Which metrics you should track for each of your digital channels (We do the hard work for you).
  • How to establish your own benchmarks (And the possible trip-ups to avoid along the way).
  • Which tools you should consider using (There are a number of free and paid for tools out there).
  • When you should consider engaging an agency (What possibilities do the experts offer).

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