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Call Consolidation:
How does it work?

Discover how redirecting calls from your stores to a call centre can benefit your business.

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Moving all customer phone calls to a call centre with trained agents, helps both your customers in store and on the phone. In this eBook, we outline the benefits of consolidating your calls in a call centre, what you need to consider when setting up your own call centre, and how call consolidation works in practice.

In This ebook you will learn

  • What is call consolidation?
  • What are the benefits to your business?
  • Will it work for you?
  • What to consider when moving to a call consolidation model?
  • What it means to take a multichannel approach
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Call Consolidation

Call consolidation means redirecting customer calls from individual retail stores and offices to a centralised call centre. While this may sound daunting, the benefits it can bring to the business are extensive. Salespeople in store are left to sell and trained agents are left to manage incoming business calls (and when required) they can be repurposed to make external sales calls.


Inhouse, onshore or offshore call centres.

Data Capture

Gain customer insights and apply in business.


Consistent messaging across communications channels.


Grow your contact centre as your business grows.

About Salmat

Salmat is a marketing services business that helps clients with the constant pressure of acquiring customers, week-in, week-out. With media, digital and customer service capabilities, we manage the fundamentals to ensure this happens like clockwork.

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"Call consolidation: How does it work?"