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Letterbox Marketing is King

How to reach your target audience and deliver results and ROI with Letterbox Marketing


Great value and great reach. Letterbox Marketing is a powerful and effective channel that can reach 20.1 million Australians every week according to the Australasian Catalogue Association's 2017 Annual Industry Report. This eBook covers everything there is to know about Letterbox Marketing - how it delivers results and how it compares to other channels. 

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Do Aussie shoppers read catalogues?

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is Letterbox Marketing?
  • Is Letterbox Marketing cost effective?
  • How to effectively target your campaign?
  • How to measure ROI?
  • How do deliveries actually happen?
  • Where does Letterbox fit in a culture of technology?

About Salmat

Salmat is a leading Australian marketing services provider. We help clients connect with their customers, week-in, week-out. Salmat's unique combination of targeted letterbox and online marketing channels enables clients to Reach, Convert and Serve their customers. We also provide a wide range of back office solutions, through our Phillippines-based Managed Services business. 

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"Letterbox Marketing is King"