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A detailed report into

The Psychology of Pricing

How you can mould a marketing strategy around price.


Price is the number one influence on consumer purchasing decisions (83%) over quality of product (67%), according to the Salmat Marketing Report 2018. This eBook explores the psychology of pricing, and how you can place price at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Why marketers should care about pricing

The top 3 challenges facing marketers

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What is pricing psychology?
  • What pricing strategies could you use?
  • How can you use the 4Ps to compete?
  • How can you use price to position your business?
  • How can you create value to justify price?
  • How can you communicate your pricing strategy?

Hear from the experts

“The challenge now for a lot of retailers is that consumers feel that if they have to pay full retail price for anything, they’re being ripped off.”

David Webster, General Manager Marketing Solutions, Salmat

About Salmat

Salmat is a marketing services business that helps clients with the constant pressure of acquiring customers, week-in, week-out. With media, digital and customer service capabilities, we manage the fundamentals to ensure this happens like clockwork.

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