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What we do

We can design a standout flyer, select the right print option and organise your letterbox distribution Australia wide.

Contact our team of experts who can take all of the hard work out of organising your flyer campaign.


Our team of experienced graphic designers can work with you to create your collateral design or update existing designs for new campaigns.

Dedicated graphic design team

Our team of experienced graphic designers create hundreds of new designs each year. Our designers are experts in creating designs that grab the attention your brand deserves. We can help you create new artwork from scratch or update an existing design. Take a look at our gallery of designs for inspiration.

What can we design?

Salmat’s creative team can help give your logo, leaflets, brochures, menus and even business cards a professional makeover. Alternatively, we can create a masterpiece exclusively for your business from scratch. Work with our designer to create compelling designs that mobilise your customers.


Print plays an important role in the success of any letterbox advertising campaign. Everything from paper thickness and print quality to the coating on the flyer needs to be considered. Salmat is here to help.

Paper quality

Choose a paper stock that maximises the impact of your letterbox advertising. Which thickness of paper you use will be determined by many factors. Will you be printing on both sides? Will the piece be folded? What is the overall impact you wish to make? Our expert print team is happy to advise on the best paper stock to use for your campaign and the great rates we have available.

Size, folds and finishes

Salmat can create pieces of different size and format. Our dedicated print team can advise on how to use our range of paper fold options to maximise the impact of your letterbox flyer, promotional brochure or even your takeaway menu. We can also create magnet-backed pieces, perfect for sticking to the kitchen fridge.

Eco-friendly printing

At Salmat we care about the environment and offer many eco-friendly printing options. These include vegetable-based inks, recycled paper, carbon neutral paper, and paper stocks sourced from sustainable and renewable sources (FSC and PEFC certified). Contact our team for full details on the sustainable options available.


Salmat utilises Australia’s most experienced letterbox distribution network for unaddressed mail, so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Target specific segments

Our Salmat team will work closely with you to identify the optimum distribution locations, for your campaign. We will map your local area, determine where your target market lives, and organise a letterbox distribution to the relevant areas. Demographic profiling is central to this process. We make sure the right eyeballs view your campaigns.

Any time you need us

We can deliver your campaign any week of the year. Whether you wish to run a promotion in the lead up to the Christmas period or a special offer in the depths of the school holidays, we can manage the delivery of your campaign. Salmat is also well-equipped to manage campaigns with multiple drops over a prolonged period.


Salmat is an end to end solution for all your letterbox advertising needs. We can design a standout flyer, select the right print option and organise your letterbox distribution Australia wide.

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