The 2019 Salmat Marketing Report provides a snapshot of the state of marketing in Australia.

The report explores:

  • Are marketers using the right channels to connect with their customers?
  • Friends and family or Google and Bing - who do we trust more for advice?
  • How much influence do influencers really have on consumers' purchase decisions?
  • How do consumers behave in-store vs. online?
  • How do marketers drive brand loyalty in 2019?

Based on these insights, the report provides recommendations and tips for marketers to help achieve the highest return on marketing investment.


Marketing Fundamentals

“The mismatch between marketer and consumer is surprising and is of course leading to challenges in reaching new customers. Consumers' habits, behaviours and expectations are rapidly changing, so as marketers we need to keep an eye on the data we have and adapt as needed. We need to do this regularly and quickly to prevent losing customers to competitors.”

Shane McClelland - Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Salmat

49% of consumers use Search engine results to influence their purchase decisions but only a quarter of marketers invest in SEO and SEM. Find out more.


Recommendations from friends and family


46% of consumers look for recommendations from friends and family

This is a dramatic shift from last year, where friends and family topped the list with 72%. Find out why.

Technology that matters to consumers

57% of consumers go online to compare prices and find the best deal when buying in-store

Technology is becoming more influential in the customer's buying journey - but not all technology is equally influential. We explore what works and provide recommendations.

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All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov. Salmat commissioned YouGov to conduct two online surveys - one with consumers and one with marketers. The consumer study was conducted between 28 September and 1 October, 2018, while the marketers study was conducted between 26 September and 5 October, 2018.

The consumer sample comprises of 1,039 Australian consumers aged 18 years and older. Age, gender and location quotas were applied to the sample. 

Following the completion of interviewing, the data was weighted by gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates. 

The marketers survey was based on 512 Australian marketers who are key decision makers in the marketing of products in businesses with 25 or more employees.