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Bullseye: Develop a more targeted approach to letterbox marketing

How sophisticated segmentation tools are making it easier than ever to reach the right letterbox.

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Learn how to find, target and reach your customers with letterbox media.

In This ebook you will learn

  • How your campaign goals inform all aspects of your letterbox campaign
    (from the messaging and design through to where and how many flyers
    or catalogues you distribute)
  • Which data pools you can use to segment your audience
    (and how these can be overlaid to pinpoint your potential customers)
  • Which tools are available to help you identify your target audience
    (and how to use them to discover where to distribute your flyers and catalogues)
  • How to use letterbox targeting to personalise your campaign message
    (including how some brands have used personalisation successfully)
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Letterbox targeting

Have you heard about what’s going on in the letterbox marketing space? Finding your target audience is easier than ever before thanks to the availability of different data pools and sophisticated targeting tools that can pinpoint your customers, right down to the streets where they live.

Brands are increasingly using letterbox targeting to personalise their campaigns, including the design and messaging of the flyer or catalogue. With the number of these targeting variables ever increasing, marketers can run campaigns of all sizes – from national campaigns targeting specific audiences through to a campaign specifically targeting as few as 200 households.

Reach your customers at home

Most marketers ‘set and forget’ their letterbox campaigns. This eBook explains why investing time in segmenting and targeting your audience can help you reach the right people with the right message in their own home.

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