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Mid-tier business make up a large component of businesses in Australia. Discover what marketers are doing in this often overlooked sector.


Our Findings

For mid-tier marketers

Reaching new customers is the top challenge for mid-tier marketers.

59% of mid-tier marketers intend to increase their marketing budget in 2017.

51% of marketers surveyed spent more than half of their marketing budget online in 2016.

25% mid-tier marketers sometimes, rarely or never measure the ROI of their campaigns.


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Mid-tier businesses account for 42,000 of the 2.1 million businesses in Australia. Discover:

  • How mid-tier marketers intend to grow their marketing budget and why
  • Which channels mid-tier marketers are investing in and why
  • How mid-tier marketers measure campaign performance
  • Where mid-tier marketers see the skills gap being
  • What mid-tier marketers would do if they had more time and money

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